Vacuum Truck Services

  •    Sludge Removal
  •    Cleaning of storage
  •    Tanks Transportation products

Industrial vacuum trucks are mainly used for a wide range of applications: sludge removal,cleaning of storage tanks and transportation of hydrocarbon products, in which standard equipment is unsuitable to achieve the required results.

Our Vacuum Trucks are equipped with high capacity vacuum pumps capable of handling heavy oil sludge and semi solid materials. When you need the best, you need these kind of equipments.

For greater resistance to high-vacuum pressures, it is designed with cylindrical components including round dump tubes and tank to ensure complete material discharge. There are no common walls between chambers so components last longer. For higher fuel efficiency, our equipment has more filter bags (68), creating a better air-to-cloth ratio and a minimal overall pressure drop.

The variable-volume hydraulic pump is efficient, too, providing a quick response, generating less heat and requiring less horse power to operate. It offers all this, plus easy maintenance. The filter module components-the bag houses, debris tank, cyclones, and dump tubes-can be individually un bolted and replaced. All door gaskets are D-ring hollow core type and can be cut to fit and replaced in the field.

Tank Cleaning and Gas Freeing

Our Company has many years of experience and employs the most efficient and effective professionals. Cleaning of residual products and accumulated sludge from storage tanks during the turnaround and inspection activities is part of our core business.

Al Ghaith offers a comprehensive service for the internal cleaning of Hydrocarbon tanks of any size.  Whatever harmful substances it may contain, we clean it to a certified gas-free standard, based on API 2015 and 2016 standards. 

This includes tanks contaminated with crude oil, condensate, aviation fuels,oil-based products, acids, phenols, chemicals,etc. The service may also extend to the decommissioning and removal of old tanks.

For each operation Al Ghaith provides a full Risk Assessment and Method Statement giving precise details of the plant and equipment to be utilized.

Bundle Pulling

•Isolation and mechanical requirements on the equipment.
•Extraction of tube bundle and hydro blasting of tube and shell .

Abrasive Water-jet Cleaning & Cutting

Al Ghaith offers high pressure Water-jet Abrasive cutting system that operate at pressure from 10,000 upto 40,000 PSI depending on the need (ICB) to cut all type of metals, plastic, composite prone, and concrete.

Waste Water Package

•Al Ghaith is carrying out sludge, sewer and all waste water transportation needs.
•We can also provide an Innovative new technology, biological pre-treatment of waste water in the collection system, septic tanks, WWTP, lagoons & tankers.

Life Support Units

- Air and Communication Consoles.

- Primary and Secondary Air Supply Systems.

- Clam Shell Helmets.

- Umbilical Lines comprising of Double Air Supply, Communications Cable and Life Line .

- Harness Assembly fitted with Aggress Cylinder.

- Scott Air Pack, Emergency Resuscitator, First Aid Kit and Oxygen Analyzers.

Pipeline Pigging

-Removal of any debris left in the pipeline from new construction (tools, wielding rods, etc..)
 in order to keep the hydraulic efficiency within design limits by removing sludge, wax debris.
-Removal of mill scale water drop out and other corrective products drastically increase the 
  useful life of the asset.


- We help to ensure the pipeline can be operated at the Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) and is free of defects.

- We maintain an extensive inventory of high pressure positive displacement pumps, break tanks, test ends, temperature and pressure monitoring and recording instruments.

- We also provide necessary proper test headers including all valves blind flanges, gaskets and other fittings, with provided a test reports to meet ISO/ International specs.

- We provide pneumatic testing services where hydrotesting not acceptable in contamined conditions available dedicated team of testing professionals and equipment for hydrotesting of pipelines of any size are at your service.

Nitrogen Services

High Pressure Nitrogen Pumping

High pressure nitrogen pumping is generally used for pressure testing and nitrogen/helium leak testing applications. Al Ghaith’s nitrogen pump units, capable of delivery pressures of up to 750 bar, are ideally suited to these applications.

High Volume Nitrogen Purging

High volume nitrogen pumping has many uses from purging and displacing product in pipelines, to plant shutdown operations, where Al Ghaith's pump units are used to supplement the on-site nitrogen supply to reduce the turnaround time.

During turnarounds, the on-site nitrogen supply is critical to the de-commissioning of the plant, but is restricted due to the low flow or low pressure available from the air separation plant or site vaporisers.

By supplementing the on-site supply, using Al Ghaith’s mobile nitrogen units with capabilities of 25.000 Nm3 per hour, the turnaround time can be significantly reduced.

Working together with the gas (nitrogen) suppliers, Al Ghaith coordinates shutdown purging and displacement activities to ensure a continuous operation and gas free environment prior commencement of mechanical works.  

The same principle applies during the plant start-up operation, Al Ghaith's units are frequently used for pressure testing, drying, purging and leak testing operations.

Rental Services

Mobile Steam Boiler



- 3-Pass Wetback reverse flame

- Manufactured to B.S. 2790 (or equivalent to International Standards i.e. EN 12953, PD 2790)

- Robust Design

- Total package including combustion equipment, feed water pumps & controls, control panel, valves &fittings

- 3rd party audited to ISO 9001; Boilers are third party insurance authority inspected before dispatch

- Efficiency

Typical 89% Nett Gas Firing

Typical 90% Nett Oil Firing

Efficiencies are based on

N.C.V of 34828 KJ/M³ (GAS)

N.C.V of 35863 KJ/I (OIL)


- 100% Oil Free Atlas Copco to be used for emergency situations, to provide multi-unit solutions around the clock .

- Track Record for creating a tailor-made solutions to the toughest problems

Certified Technical Skills

- Scaffolder and Supervisors

- Painters and Painting Inspector

- Welders and Welding Inspectors

- Hydrojetters

Filling Pumps

- 02 Nos Cummins Mather & Platt, capacity at 1000 CU.m/ Hr maximum head 150 Meters.

- 02 Nos MWM, Greaves Limited, capacity at 800 CU.m/Hr maximum head 120 Meters.

- 03 Nos CAT C9 Diesel Kirloskar, capacity 1300 CU.m/Hr maximum head 62 Meters.

- 06 Nos Volvo Penta Kirloskar Limited, capacity 500 CU.m/ Hr maximum head 400 Meters.


ELGI Two Stage Oil Flooded made by Cummins KT 1150-T, with air supply at 900CFM, PSI at 150 OP ITS, BHP 350, tested to ISO 1217, Full load RPM 1800, 1 Air On/Off valve 3”, with 400 Fuel tank Capacity, and Ambient Operating at 120degree Fahrenheit.

High Pressure Pumps

- 04 Nos Volvo Penta, Hughes ,Capacity 500 Liters/ Min. Max Pressure 5000 PSI.

- 02 Nos Volvo Penta, Hammelman,Capacity 250 Liters/Min. Max Pressure 10000 PSI .

- 02 Nos. Ashok Leyland, V.R, Capacity 50 Liters/Min. Max Pressure 10000 PSI.

Drying Units

- Air Quality 1625 cfm,.

- Air Quantity (inlet) 3000 nm3/hr.

- Air Quantity (outlet) 2800 nm3/hr .

- Outlet Due Point Temp. at ATM Pressure –(40) Degree Celsius

- Working Pressure 7 Kg/cm2 .

- Power Supply 220V/50Hz/1Phase


This pump with it’s quick-Charge, In-Line fluid end design have fewer parts for increased operating efficiency and simpler maintenance. It requires a conversion KIT to operate at a pressure between 8000 and 24000 PSI (552 and 1700 bar).

Break Tank

- 06 Nos. Certified for Offshore use, provides de-aerated water for Pigging & Testing Operations incorporates inlet and outlet manifolds.

- Tank Capacity 20000 Liters, Skid Length 3.55m, Skid Width 2.2m, Skid Height 2.2m, Tare weight 4000 Kg.

Catalyst Handling

Al-Ghaith has the resources to respond safely and professionally to any turnaround or shutdown, at any facility located in the Middle East, Gulf Region, and in particular Qatar region where we are based .

Our ability to complete projects on a 'blind to blind' basis (including torqueing & tensioning).

Ensures a complete service by one company Al-Ghaith.

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